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 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 10:54 PM
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The Entertainment Industry in Ellyria is divided into two parts - TV and Film.

Due to the much kingdom's small size compared to today's global industry, there are only enough resources to support six channels. There's a channel each for news, sports, comedy, drama, music, and kids' programming. TV shows are similar to those today in that comedies and kids' shows are 30 mins long, dramas tend to be an hour. Comedies, Dramas, and kids' shows continue to air even after their popularity wanes because the higher castes make the programming decisions. They only really end when the actors (highest caste) say they want to do something else. Certain actors have a new show every other month, others have been running for 20 years.

Shows don't run on seasons, they take a break whenever the actors need a break and new ones start whenever the pilot is finished filming. Since there are 24 hours in a day, there's never a problem with finding and open time slot. Actors have gotten into spats with other shows for better time slots, but really that's just egos talking because a bad time slot won't get you cancelled. On any given day there are from 10-15 new run shows across all channels, and the rest of the time is filled with reruns.

The news channel reports only officially sanctioned news, and rebel/subversive news only makes their way on if it's so blatant that it can't be hushed up and ignored. News casters are also actors, and they fill the time between "real" news from throughout the kingdom with gossip talk about the monarchy and the rest of the entertainment industry. Again, the actors get to come and go from the various news programs as they please, and a show's popularity isn't based on viewership.

If there's news that involves the royal family, it preempts all 6 channels.

Music is the one place that's actually controlled by viewers. At least in theory. New music videos are played during a new music spotlight hour, but the other 23 hours in the day are controlled by viewer votes. The ability to vote is built into your remote and the number of votes you get is based on your caste. Higher castes get more votes and lower castes get fewer. Viewers can save up their votes and spend them all on one song but if they get out voted, their votes have still been spent. New votes are allocated every day, but people can buy more votes, which also favors the higher castes.

Sporting events aren't televised until after the event concludes in an attempt to increase attendance at the events themselves. There are also sports talk shows where actors and former sports stars talk about last week's game and the upcoming game. The rest of the time is filled with reruns of past games.

The other half of the entertainment industry is film. As with the TV, there are limited resources, and movies take much more to make than an episode of a TV show. About 5-6 new movies come out each year, so a new movie opening is kind of a big deal. Movie goers do have some feedback into a movie in that they can choose whether or not to spend their money on a ticket, but with so few options, most good kingdom citizens go to movies regardless of whether they're good or not. Ticket prices are such that they're easily affordable to castes 1-5, and not prohibitively high for 6's and 7's, although they have to weight the costs over other things.

The types of movies are similar to today's big budget hollywood films. RomComs, horror, action movies, and dramas are particularly popular. They tend to be large and over the top, big explosions in action flicks, big screams and big gore in horror, big slapstick laughs that inevitable lead to big music-crescendoed kisses in RomComs, and big heart wrenching tear jerkers in dramas.

Movies are made whenever there are enough resources, be they actors, directors, writers, or what have you. Actors can hire directors and writers to craft movies for them, or directors/writers can try and find actors for their movie. The actors have the final say in production since they're the highest caste. This leads to not only over the top themes, but longer and longer run times. The longest movie, Not Without My Queen, was a whopping 7 hours and 43 minutes long.

There are no "independent" type films. Well, not officially. There might be an underground market for those, but they'll never make it onto the big screens and the real industry firmly denies that they even exist.

-- submitted by tacocat


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